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Hi guys! I've built my site on the Narrative Theme - loving it but not a fan of the product page, which looks like this : https://themes.shopify.com/themes/narrative/styles/warm/preview 


I would like it the product image to be next to the description and add to cart button - so that there is no scrolling needed to add to cart. For example: https://www.shoku.co/products/copy-of-copy-of-jupiter-14-3cm-tea-plate
I'm not a coder, so really appreciate any help if anyone has cracked this issue!! thanks in advance :) 

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Hey, @rye19 !


Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is well with you, and welcome to our Community!


I've checked in with our Theme support on this query for you, however it would require heavy customization not supported through the free design time for Shopify themes.


While our community members may well be able to offer their own guidance here, you may like to consider chatting with a Shopify Expert directly to help with this.


Alternatively you may like to consider trying out a different theme on your store. For example, the Brooklyn theme is also a free Shopify theme, but one which has this style of layout on the product page. 




I understand that you do quite like the Narrative theme, so I am not sure if this works as a solution for you. Though you can install up to 20 themes in your admin at any time, this allows you to decide on your preferred fit for your store.


I hope this helps to point you in the right direction, but do let me know if you have any questions.



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We're you ever able to figure this out using code? I'm looking to do the same! 


If anyone can point me to what to add to my code that would be greatly appreciated, not looking for design time at this time. 



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Hi all, I am a coder and as @Katy said, it requires heavy customization that is way too deep to go into here.


I am using the Narrative theme on our website Health and Medical and as you can see I did customize the product pages to look exactly as you're describing, but it took hours of work and testing to get it right on both Desktop and Mobile.


My advice would be to do as Katy suggests and utilize a Shopify Expert or use another theme.  Narrative is very pretty but unfortunately it does require some coding know-how to optimize it for most eCommerce stores.  If you do want to keep using Narrative, you can also try a plugin like PageFly that can help you design a better product page and might help you do what you're trying to do.

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I hear that you have done this for others! I am interested and would love to get some help. 

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Thank you for providing this type of product page changes . Hoping to see some changes like this for the others too.

Please keep us informed about the page changes.





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Can you help me change the layout of my product page and making it look something like this...