Narrative Theme - Product variants (images & form)

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Hi All,

I am still playing around with/ building my site and figuring out how to edit/ prepare product variants and how they will display in my product page.

When I add product media (two images; one gold and the other purple), then select the respective image against each color variant, when I view the product page in question, it is showing two identical images (one above the other). I searched other threads which appeared to be about this same issue and the assistance offered was to ensure you simply "select" the pre-uploaded media as the product variant; rather than upload the same images again as variants. Unfortunately, i have followed this process as described and still I have this issue. See screenshot:


Does anyone have any idea why it is displaying this way? It looks ridiculous! Because I wasted hours on this and couldnt figure it out, I just had to delete my variant and sell this product in one color only however that has brought me to my next issue:

When there is only one product (no additional variants), the product form/ dropdown selection form sill appears, as you can see from the screenshot above, it is an obvious button which says "Color - Gold", and if you click on it there are no other options (and rightfully so), but there shouldn't be a dropdown/ button in the first place, unless there are more than one option to select from. How can I make this the case?

Look forward to hearing from you all!