Narrative Theme

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I am currently editing my Narrative Theme, and I am asking for assistance on these two questions. 

(1) Is it mandatory to have a cover for a featured video or can the video just play on its own? I recently uploaded a Vimeo video and it doesn't appear as visible on the site right away, it shows as a template that's missing its cover photo. Please assist on whether that can be avoided or can have an auto play when hovering over.

(1.5) When I attempt to put a cover photo, the photo automatically has a hyperlink and prompts a warning that clicking it will open up another site (tumblr[blog]) on another tab even if the photo isn't attached to any URL. I've done it with a random photo as well. 

(2) Does this template not come with its own product pages like pop or simple does? Or is it just the never-ending home page that's compact with everything?


Please help me with this confusion, I appreciate all answers