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I'm using the Narrative theme and I've put in a feature slider in, when you scroll the right hand slide of the slider moves through the products, It only lets you put a maximun of 5 products on there but I need 6. Would anyone be able to help me with this or have any coding to copy and paste.





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Despite this seeming simple, the way shopify works with theme design, it is not an easy fix, and you would need to edit multiple files to do this. 

I don't think it's something someone could easily walk you through on here...

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Hi, Seamus and Ryan!

Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is good with you both.

I have taken a look into this and it is actually possible to do via the sections setting in your theme.

If you could go to your Admin> online store> themes > actions > edit code > sections > featured-slider.liquid

Once here, if you could scroll to the very bottom to roughly around line 561:

You can then adjust this to your preferred number of images.

I do see that you have a couple of posts here Seamus (which is great!).  Another that I replied to requires quite few tweaks and changes with the way the theme is set up. This may be what Ryan had been referring to? Either way I am open to any and all feedback here.

Let me know how things go for you. 



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Hello, I am using the narrative theme on my Shopify account but I am unable to get featured slider. how can I get it, thank you in advance.