Narrative product page customization

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Hi to everyone in the Shopify community,

I have encountered another questions that I could not resolve by researching on the internet, so I am wondering if anyone could help me with the issue. 

Currently I am using the Narrative theme, and everything seems fine except when I want to customize the Product Page. 

I was wondering is it possible to move the product image to the left, currently it is above the everything else, then move the add to cart, buy now buttons and the descriptions to the right. 

Also another question I have, is it possible to create multiple dropdown bars that would allow the users to click to reveal, for example the product description, specs, reviews etc. 

Thanks everyone and greatly appreciate the help.  

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Hello @Jack5665 ,

Yes it's possible, you have to edit the template and change the complete layout a/to the need.
Or may be by rearranging the existing it's possible but still you have to write additional css to make it perfect.


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