Narrative theme - editing text size

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Hey everyone!

So I'm trying to adjust the font of this GAMING MOUSES text, note: it's been edited before by a Shopify developer.

So I inspect it, and I think this is the part that controls the font of it - the "font family" part on the bottom right.

But it's crossed out, what does this mean?

Changing it's value seems to have no effect? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Sunil,

It's crossed out as it's being overwritten by another font-family. You can inspect it again and see another font-family assigment in the inspector. Scroll up inside the 'Styles' window and you'll find it there somewhere. Then locate it in your CSS file and change it there.

Hope I've understood you correctly and that helps?

Kind regards, Andy Lower PandaCake Shopify Partners
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Hey there Andy! Thank you for your reply.


So I scrolled up in the styles box shown in the Gyazo, but there was only one other style setting, and it changed the text within the shop now button? Not sure what I'm doing wrong here!