Narrative theme show order summay and desktop slideshow

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I am using Narrative theme. This is a wonderful theme, and I really like it. However, there are 2 things that I would I to change/add. First, I wonder if I can have seperate slide show for PC and mobile? It is impossible for me to choose an image that can fit either in PC and mobile screen. Below is the image from Shoptimized theme, they have seperate slideshow for desktop and mobile, don't know if Narrative theme can do this?


My second question is when you go to checkout, the order summary section will be automatically hidden, you have to press on the text to show the summary. I want it to change to automatically show because the input discount code is in this order summary section, if it is not automatically showed, customers will have a hard time to find where to input the discount code. Please see the image to have a better undertanding.


Thank you in advance.