Navigation coding help

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I have a reward system app which is great but I need to make it more visable preferably on my main menu

What I want to do is have the reward system nested in the main menu at the top of the page so when people click on rewards for example it links / opens lootly. The problem is this requires coding in and requires it to be on both mobile and computer

I have been given the following coding :
<a onclick="openLootlyWidget(event);">Rewards</a>

This is obviously not able to be out into the Shopify visual editer as that only allows links to pages etc.

Any help would be appreciated as I have tried and failed many times to find a solution for this !

I could also do with it being linked to a section on the main page (image with text overlay) could do with the button triggering the app

Any help is appreciated
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You can add this link to the header section from the theme editor.

but since every theme has a different structure for files and section i can't tell you where you can find the code to edit.

i will need to login into the dashboard myself to find it.

it might be in a section, it might be in a snippet or it might be in the main theme file i have to check it out.


and also it could work in the home page as a section but it will require some HTML and CSS skills