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I have been messing with the settings for an hour, and to no avail - there's no trickery to either linking ALL blogs as a page (unless I'm delirious from no sleep) or at least having each blog in the drop down list.

Also, when i mean each blog - i mean i have different topics that I post to every day - so we'll say "5 blogs". For instance: "Updates", "The 5 W's", "Exhibits" etc...etc...

Is there anyway I can just provide a link at the top that links you to all blogs? And then you chose which blog you want to catch up on...which will have several posts within...? 

Any help would be lovely! Thanks!


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I recently had something similar come up. What I ended up doing was I created a new page template - (lets call it - that read from a new linklist. The linklist had links to several different blogs.

This is what I did on my "blog listings" page:

{% for link in linklists[settings.blog_linklist].links %}
  {% assign blog_handle = link.object.handle %}
  {% for article in link.object.articles | limit: 5%}
    {% include 'article-loop' with article %}
  {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Or in other words - 1) loop through each of the blogs in the link list of blogs 2) get the blog handle 3) loop through the first 5 blog posts for each individual blog. 

Only issue is that you cant use the global blog liquid variables on the page template - but I was able to work around that. Hope this helps.

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Hey Mark! Thanks for the help! I'm not sure why I didn't think of adding another page with a new linklist - it was definitely the lack of sleep or something!

I'm guessing that the code you offered is optional, yes? Do you have a link to the effect it produces?


Thanks once again!

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In order to have all of your blog categories or "blogs" easy to navigate to , you'll want to create a nested menu under the blog tab of your Shopify store.


1) Simply go to the navigation section in your admin and add a new menu item.


2) Name the title of your menu item the same as the blog category.


3) And in the link section, you'll want to search until you find the blog that you want to add. 


4) When you've added all of your blog topics, drag them over to the right to make sure they're nested underneath your blog menu and arrange them as desired.


And, you're done!