Need Help Implementing Lazysizes/Lazyload

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Hi I am Using one of the free themes, the Debut theme, and I was trying to add the lazysizes.min.js  ( ) to my website so I can speed up the loading time as google suggested to me from their speed test tool


I am following the directions from


Based on what they are saying my speed is incredibly slow for mobile and google gave me some recommendations on how to fix this (check the screen shot)






But when I go into the code to add the lazysizes.min.js for my store and go to the Assets folder, I see that there's already lazysizes.js in that folder and also on some of the pages, like for example product-template.liquid  there are already lazyload attributes in there, I am guessing that these aren't the type of lazyload  I need for my site so it can actually get faster



According to  there are 2 types of lazyload  (screenshot)




They say all the src need to be replaced with data-src


So I am guessing that right now I have the "Place holder lazyload" right now BUT I need the "TRUE lazyload"

I've been doing more research than I ever wanted to do about lazyloads hahaha


Good lord....


So I need to know what do I need to do to actually get TRUE lazyload??

I have tried to follow the steps from  but they aren't working, I'm sure because there is some other existing code in there messing it up from working correctly.


Also please don't tell me that I have lazyload on my site already, because I don't, I don't have TRUE lazyload, I have speed results from 5+ websites and they all give the same horrible score and same recommendations


So what existing code do I need to get rid of to make this lazysizes.min.js code work correctly?


Any recommendations or ideas??





Hello @Damany_Cruicksh ,
Only implementing lazy-load for your images can not resolve your site speed issue.


You can see that defer offscreen images do not having that much issue on your site its render blocking and third party app they are taking making your site slower.
Hire an expert who can help you to get resolve with these issues.
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