Need Help with product rows view on my store

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Currently, All my oberlo products have varying titles length and images because of which they are not uniform and seem very odd. like thisMy current storeMy current store

I would really like it If I could format this to be uniform. As in if I could dedicate three lines to each title. after these three lines. The price comes and if the title is too short the price is still at the same length. I just want all the products to look the same in collections. Like this.good view.jpeg

See how all the product is aligned and all the prices are at the same place.

Am I missing something?

Apologies in advance.

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Could you edit the liquid template of the Debut theme and use the truncate filter so that product names always use at most N characters? Would that make them all look about the same?

I’m referring to what’s described here
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