Need clickable images on my Homepage

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Hi! Need some help, please.
I have a number of images and I want to place them on my Homepage and serve as a buttons that lead to a specific product each. One of the images is special and shouldn't be clickable. I want to place them in centered rows, three images in each.

I tried to create a Gallery section, but the images get cut or too large.
I tried to create a Collection (Featured Products) section, but I can't find a way to hide price and title of the products.
I tried Images with Text option leaving the text fields empty, but there is no way to make the images clicklable.
I tried to mess with HTML code, but I don't know how to code, I just copy-pasted the code that was suggested to others and tried to edit it. I could successfully place images, but I couldn't place them three in a row or add links to them.
The urls that I copied from "Edit Website SEO" didn't work and Page 404 or "This Site Can't Be Reached" kept opening. This is one of my urls - "" for example. Could I be pasting the urls in a wrong way?

Thank you!

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Did  you ever figure this out? I am using text columns with images and cannot get the images to be clickable...