Need help on product page design. Need Bug solve solution possibly because of an app installed.

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Hello Shopify Community,

Hope to find you well! Wish you all the Success and Good Business's.

I'm currently setting my Shopify Store and I've installed an app called: "GVariant: Image + Color Swatch" which implements really nice design to product variants and to collection page. However, after a few changes and developments in store, the product pages started displaying wrong and don't select images when the user're selecting different product variants. I uninstalled the app, but the issue remains. 

I've imported the same theme again and without the app installed, it works perfectly on product pages. I would like to remain with the current theme because it has already a few key changes in terms of web design.  So I think the solution, it's just "copy / paste" of HTML coding between the imported theme and published theme. I need help from someone who understands this programming language and Shopify store designing to do it.