Need help with the display of variant images.

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Need help with the display of variant images.


I’m using the debut theme to sell a product with many variant colours. I have assigned each variant a variant image. When the product page loads all variant images are displayed on the left. When the customer selects a variant option, the correct variant image is displayed. However, if the customer selects the variant IMAGE from the displayed images on the left the drop down  does not change to represent the variant image selected.


I would like help to do either of the following.


  • If a customer selects the variant image this would automatically update the variant options form the drop-down menu. Therefor the customer has the option of selecting the variant from either the drop-down menu or selecting from the variant image.




  • I would like to hide all variant images until the customer makes a selection. Once a selection from the drop-down menu is made the corresponding variant image would be displayed.


I’m sorry if this is an obvious fix, I assume this is how everyone would want their site set up.