Need help with variants all showing the same barcode

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Hey there,

My store appears to be having an issue with my product pages displaying the barcodes of different variants on the same product. More specifically, the product page just displays the same barcode of the first variant repeated as many times as there are variants. It doesn't display the other variant barcodes whatsoever, despite the fact that each variant has its own barcode.

I was looking at product.liquid to see if I can figure out what's causing this, but I can't even see any code related to the barcodes at all, so I don't even know how they're appearing on the store page to begin with.

Perhaps the theme I'm using (Retina 3.0) is to blame?


I'd appreciate any help or suggestions on how to figure this issue out.

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please share a store url better assist 


Thanks & Regards
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