Need to link to a specific page on my site that is behind a user login

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Hi there,

I need to link to a specific page on my site that has a form on it, but my site is password protected and needs to remain password protected. 

Currently, if I provide the direct link to the page, the site asks them to log in and then shows them their account profile.  I want it to bring them to the page I gave them the link to after they login - but only if they come in from that link. How can I redirect the user to the specific page once they've logged in?

Thanks, Richard

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Hey Richard,

Because what you're requiring is something that's not built into the Shopify platform, there wouldn't be an easy way to automatically redirect your visitors to that page after logging in.

Instead, I might suggest an app for your store, like Locksmith!  With Locksmith, you can still password-protect your site, and grand access to those people whom you've given the access code to / secret link to etc.

There would be no need for them to log in at all (although they can still have accounts if needed), but with the secret link, it will bring them directly to the form page.

Without doing any sort of weird (and potentially complicated) redirecting, this would be the most straighforward way to accomplish this!

Locksmith does have a 15-day trial period, so you're able to try it out and see if it suits your needs before committing to it.

I hope that helps! :)

- Jordan | Shopify Guru

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make a custom password page -> get referrer with javascript -> store it(cookie) -> visitor uses password -> landing page compares secret to cookie -> match = redirect with javascript,etc.

Note secret is NOT in the password page.

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