Nesting Sections in Theme

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Hi there,

A quick and hopefully easy question for you all...

I want to nest my sections in a particular way, here's an example. Say I want a slideshow but I want to allow merchants to bring out two products on each slide, how do I get this nesting from the Customisation area.

Merchant adds a new section > within this section, they choose our Product Slideshow > adds/removes Slides > chooses 2 or more Products.

Hope that makes sense?

Kind regards, Andy Lower PandaCake Shopify Partners
Shopify Partner
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Hi Andrew, 

unfortunately, the easy answer is "No, you can not nest the sections.". The longer answer is ".. but Sections can include blocks (and in fact, each slide is a block in a slideshow section), and you can create several types of blocks to use in Section."

The doc is here

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