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This is my first post. We are new to Shopify and our store is not yet opened for web activity. I am not sure if  I am missing something simple, need to learn Liquid or need to hire an expert to customize this for me.

We have both a retail and wholesale business. The wholesale side requires business to have a secure account with us to conduct business. Essentially a members only store. This document was helpful for all but one of our needs.

When a new customer sets up their account we DO NOT want that account to be active. We need to review and approve a customer before they are allowed to see product pricing and submit orders.

I have a simplistic solution using a new page prompting them with a MAILTO form for name, address … etc and then they can click and send us an email asking for access

Ideally I would love to have a way for a new customer to set up a customer record WITHOUT specifying a password.  We can add a tag saying “Needs review” and then we can review new customer records. Once we approve them we can send them a password reset email.

Has anyone done this? Am I over complicating Shopify? Just wanting to hear ideas

Thank you ! – Al




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Hi Al,

Mark K here - I hope you're keeping well!

Good question, I can certainly see the logic behind what you're trying to do!

Using a Shopify Expert might be the answer, but there are a couple of other options to explore first. One of which would be the Locksmith app (linked below). It may very well provide just the functionality you need, and there's a 15 day trial to find that out!

I'd consider going down the Shopify Expert route, more info on that here -

Hopefully that's helpful to you, but if not, feel free to contact us at and we can look into it in more detail!:)





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Thank you Mark. I will look at Locksmith, it did not occur to me to look at the apps.

I will also send an email to Mods as suggested.

I may stick with the MAILTO form for now. Not the prettiest solution but it's working.

thanks again

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Hello Albert!  Could you please inform me of how to add the MAILTO form?  Or if you could link me to some kind of instructions?


Thanks so much!  

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You are not overcomplicating it... this is not easy to accomplish on Shopify without a third-party app.

We've developed an "account approval" into the Customer Fields app to help simplify this process:

  • Create a new registration form and add any fields you need to collect from customers (birthday, business license, etc.)
  • Enable the "require account approval" setting
  • Applicants will be added to a segment called "to review"
  • Review applicant information and choose to approve/deny
  • Customize email templates that will be sent to customers on approval/denial
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