Newcomer Needs Advice on Working With Shopify Expert

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Hello All:


I am new to Shopify.  I'm researching this topic myself but I wanted the advice of experienced hands.


Two weeks ago, I hired an expert to help build out my shopify store.     The bottom line is that after two weeks,  I have not received anything close to being acceptable.   Their understanding of my feedback is shaky at best, and their responses are cut and paste, you can't know that they actually read my specific email.


Is there a best way to terminate their relationship?   I foolishly provided an advance payment; is there a way to recover it?    To date, communication has been cordial to date.


I am so eager to launch my store.   Delay is discouraging.    Please help.



Matthew Natale



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When you say you provided advance payment, did you pay in full? Or was it a deposit to get the work started? It's understandable that a developer would ask for some payment up front. What's the extent of the work they've done? What was initially agreed upon? Was there a timeline given to the developer in advance, or did he or she give you an expected timeline? 


You're going to have to directly communicate with your Expert and talk about your expectations and see either if you can get this worked out or if they agree to give you a refund. If you're dissatisfied with the experts work, all I think you can really do is contact Shopify Support. Here's a small little blurb:


Not much to be said there. Also if your expert has done a decent amount of work, they should also expect to be compensated in some way for their time. There's a lot of variables, expectation and communication needs to be really clear from the get go. I know as a developer I try to make sure I know pretty spot on what my client is looking for, and check in with them when I hit certain "milestones" of the project so that we're both not wasting our time before continuing.


I can give you a hand on some stuff if you want to fill me in on what's lacking on your site. You can send me a personal message if you enable messaging in your profile.

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