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I am trying to add a fixed delivery charge to be calculated at the checkout page. I have added a shipping zone and set the price of delivery in settings, but when I try to test it, no delivery charges are calculated at the checkout page.

I am using price based shipping under domestic zone.




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Hey, Lama! 

Trevor the Guru here, 

I would suggest taking a look at each individual product and double check whether or not each product requires shipping. In the product editor, under the shipping section, you should see a white box and text saying "This product requires shipping". If that isn't selected then your products won't produce a shipping rate at checkout. 

If that isn't the issue, then I would suggest double checking that your cart matches the minimum requirements for the rates you setup. If the cart doesn't meet the requirements then no rates would appear at checkout. 

Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support if you have any other questions! 

All the best, 

Trevor M

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