Notify costumers when overselling

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Hi there!

Our team is developing a jewelry store within Shopify.
For production issues and material prices, we need to make some template modifications to enable 3 sales scenarios:

• The product is in stock and the price is fixed (made of silver - normal purchase)
• The product is out of stock and the price is fixed (made of silver - normal purchase and takes longer to arrive)
• The product only accepts a quotation (made of gold with fluctuations of price - it takes longer than silver to arrive)

The quotation has already been taken care of using an app that hides the $0,00 price of the product in gold and adds a quote form. The main problem we're facing now is to notify the client, at the time of purchase of a fixed price and out of stock product, that it will take X more days to be delivered because it's not ready yet. Shopify's "Allow Overselling" option has no option for a notification.

I found a similar topic but we couldn't figure out where to insert the code and how the last instructions from Alex should be made.

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Thank you

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Did you ever get this issue sorted... im facing the same thing.