Oberlo imports page formatting from Aliexpress when importing products

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Hi there

I'm trying to design my first store using the free Minimal theme. Using Oberlo I've imported products directly from Aliexpress but in doing so this has added drop-down menus to the design.

I took a screenshot below. I am unable to edit the menus or headings 'Wattage' / 'Ships From' / 'Color Temperature, Base Type'. The last heading doesn't even make any sense so makes the whole product page look strange and unprofessional.

I want the product description I have written below the 'Buy It Now' button to actually appear below the price but I can't see how I can move it or get rid of the other headings / drop-down menus.

Hopefully, I'm just making an obvious newbie mistake, but any help anyone can give would be very much appreciated!





Minimal design error.jpg