One Big Pet Peeve When thinking about Migrating from another Cart to Shopify

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One of the biggest things for me, that is holding me back from moving to Shopify is it's lack of user area. If one sells digital goods, then users like to go back and see what their serial number was or back to re-download their products or check on their orders. Shopify is really bad for this. 

Questions for Digital Goods store owners:

  1. If you distribute serial numbers, then how does a user go back and into their orders to check what the serial is if they lost their invoice?
  2. What if a user wants to re-download their product after some time, because they are changing computers and need to re-download it. Most of the Digital download apps, only allow a certain time period, then the time has expired. 

There has to be some eGoods Owners who have found ways around these limitations.