One Product, Multiple Vendors

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Hi there!

We are a Spanish book publishing company using Shopify. In our website, Books are Products, and Authors are Collections. We customised our product page template to link each book page to his/her author page (see here). It works well, but we have a problem: some books are written by multiple authors. When this happens, we need to create a Collection for several authors (see here). It wouldn't be very painful if some of these authors didn't also write books on their own (see here). To take an example, this guy, Enric Juliana, has a Collection for his own, and then shares a Collection with another guy... The ideal situation would be to be able to make different authors (Collections) appear in the pages of books (Products) written by several authors. And also to have all the books written, for instance, by Enric Juliana, in its own page (his Collection).

Do you have any ideas to solve this problem?

I think that it's not an easy problem to solve, and that it's related with the way Shopify works intrinsically. But maybe there's themes adapted to our kind of store (book publishing), or some app I don't know about, or some way to customise the code...?

Thank you in advance for your help!