Online Store 2.0 and Existing Stores

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Am I able to use the Online Store 2.0 on any existing store? Or do I have to start a new development store?

To answer my own question, it does look like a new development store is the way to go, but would like confirmation, possible.

Online Store 2.0 features are available on any development store created after June 29, 2021.

For additional context, I am going to be building a blog on an existing store, and it would be great if I could use the "sections everywhere" feature. Would that mean the current store would need to be transferred to a new development store first?

Last question! If I create a new development store,  can someone confirm that it can still be transferred to a client and go into production?

I tried today to using Shopify-CLI on a development store created before 29th June and something is not working (some file synchronization fails).

I created a new development store and I was able to serve the Dawn theme.

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I just adapt product template (from liquid to json) on an existing store, so far is working

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