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Hi there,


I'm using the Masonry theme with the infinity scroll option.

While I do need the infinity scroll due to a large collection, it is throwing up a unique challenge. If a user is opens a product from the collection list, the product opens in the same tab and on clicking back, the user is automatically thrown back to the first scroll of that collection list regardless of wether he was at 1 or the 10 scroll. Therefore, the user has to go all the down to his previous position on the list.


Is there a way by which if a user clicks on a product in the collection list, the product would open in a new browser tab with the original list getting unaffected?



Hi Arvinder, there's two solves to this:


1. Include the HTML target="_blank" in the snippet or section that does the for loop for the products on the collection page. This is usually called something like collection-grid-item.liquid. You have to know exactly where to put this so it might be a bit technical.


2. Have a product pop up on the collection page. I believe there are apps that can do this or you could have someone code it in.

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