Overriding Button Color to match HTML setting rather than liquid primary set in Narrative Theme

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Hey community,

I have a question concerning changing the text color of my HTML-generated buttons within the theme liquid. We are using the Narrative Theme. The button I have is on our Instructions Guide page right now. 

We want to have the button being:
#1EB3AC (Button Color)
#ffffff (Text color)

The issue we have is that the theme has set the primary color to fill in the text of our button within the liquid, so we cannot override it through normal HTML and CSS. We don't have much experience in Liquid, so we are not sure how to fix this override. We would like to keep everything else on our site the same, including leaving our Primary color the way it is.

Below is the HTML and CSS we set for the button, along with how the button appears in the page editor vs. how it shows on the actual website.

HTML codeHTML codeIn Page EditorIn Page EditorOn Live WebsiteOn Live Website

Can someone help find how we can change that? 

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your question. 

Please share your store URL, page URL and also password (if your store has one), I'll help you out to the best of my ability.

Kind regards,

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Hey Diego. Thanks for responding. I just sent you an email. Let me know if your received it.

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Hello, @Jeff-claytubes 

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