POP THEME - How do I add a top menu?

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Newbie here--


I installed the pop theme on my the store https://www.treasuredsymphony.com  and absolutely love the theme so far. This is my first and only shop, so I'd like feedback, but please don't be too harsh -  I already know that I have lots to learn...


Anyway, the POP theme is what I need, BUT I  detest the side bar. I have too many categories for it to be useful and the little + icon for the subcategories is driving me crazy.


So here's what I'm looking for: I want to add a TOP MENU that has dropdown categories (like all the other themes.) I'll be ok with leaving the side menu, since it is under my logo and is good to fill the empty space... *sighing softly* But I think it's absolutely necessary to have a top menu since that's where everyone who visits an online shop first looks to find products. 


 I have NO IDEA how to do this since the tutorials only let me add a side menu and a bottom menu. They all say that is part of the theme, and you can only customize what the theme let's you customize.  So no TOP MENU???? 


I have no idea how to code, but if anyone could write back and give me an idea, I can learn how to copy and paste code... Just as long as it's well explained and tell me exactly where to put it.


Please help.  :) 



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Hi @Amanda1312 

If you want to add top menu on store then you need liquid,html +css code knowledge because its about design and development task.

You can check menu code in Section->header.liquid file and its not so easy to give you step to make top menu but that's good to hear that you want to learn.

You can create and learn design from this link and for development you have to learn from this site


Let me know if you need any help.

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