PRICES on Product Dashboard & Product Page not same as on /Collections/all $19.99

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Hi folks,

So at 2am and this has got me confused. Just as I thought I had got my Debut them to where I wanted it, I came across this horror.

I have all my dummy products set at $36. This is correct in 'Products Dashboard' and 'individual Products pages'. However then I look at '\collections\all\'  every single product has the price listed at $19.99.

$19.99 is not a price I have ever used so I do not know where it is coming from.

After looking around I found the following:

1. snippet/product-price-liquid has a lot of 1999 prices set at the beginning (possible as some default).

2. When I 'right click and Inspect' the \collections\all page,  I can see the price $19.99 being inserted from somewhere.

3. Possibly not related in 'collection-template.liquid' lines 210 and 255 have $19.99 keyed in. 


I wonder if $19.99 was used for testing when the theme was developed?

Anyway I was hoping to get this theme finalised asap, so if anyone has any thoughts they would be most welcome.


Shop =

Password = paifla 


Many thanks,