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Trying to come up with a way for Pages to have a 'Featured Image' in much the same way that Products or Articles have a 'Featured Image' associated with them. I have a custom metafield to keep track of an image that gets associated to a page, however, I cannot seem to get that featured image to populate with the title of the page in the search results. 

Tried reaching out to shopify support to see if there were any reasons that Pages don't have a featured image like other parts do. Looking for any information or help or direction on this whatsoever since there seems to be no information out there for it. Thanks everyone for sharing what you find.

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3 years have gone by and nothing changed?

I was unable to find an answer any where. It can't be that hard to implement a simple feature like that.



Just create a section that's called featured image. add the code for the image and text, then use schema to relate the code to the customizer options.

Unfortunately, it isn't a simple thing you would have to get this customized if you don't know how to do it

Here is a guide below

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I quite like this work-around (I did not write this):

It will serve up a broken image, if the Shopify user doesn't add an image with the correct naming convention, however.