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Hi guys,

I've just recently started creating my website and have managed to alter and succeed in changing code but im kind of stuck and can't seem to find any guides so hopefully someone can help me here.


Am i able to change the font colour of the Page title independantly to the text colour change option in the theme edit page?


thanks in advance!

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Hi Riki!

Seán here from Shopify.

From looking at your store here it seems that you're using the Launchpad-star theme. While it's not possible to change the page title separately in the Admin, you can edit the code in the liquid files directly to have a different colour to that of the text. To do so, you'll want to edit the <h1> tag in page.liquid so that the class "section-header__title" is set to the desired colour in the timber.scss.liquid file.

For changing the colour on other pages, such as the Products or collections, you'll want to similarly edit the code so that the <h1> tags on the product.liquid and collection.liquid files have a CSS element where the different colour is set, which can also be done in the timber.scss.liquid file. You could also create a new element for all headers with the desired colour and apply it as a class to all of the headers you'd like to change in their respective liquid files.

Hope this helps. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions :)

All the best,

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Yes, it's possible. which page title do you want to change? 

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@Lixon_Louis wrote:

Yes, it's possible. which page title do you want to change? 

Hi I’m wanting to change the title color for my pages/collection pages to be the same color. Where do I add this to in the page liquid? And what code do I add?