Page builder app to create a fullscreen scrolling websites in Shopify

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Hi folks,

I've seen some serious interest in fullscreen scrolling eCommerce websites outside of Shopify. Most of them use open-source fullPage.js to implement that rather conveniently.


I was interested to hear if there's any interest in the community in this kind of page design for your eCommerce websites? Do you use another page builder app to achieve that same fullscreen scrolling design? I'd be glad to develop that if there's no alternative.


Thanks in advance :)


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This topic is interesting,

Today I've been playing around with this plugin, and I find it difficult to use because of the way Shopify is designed. With fullpage plugin, all the sections should be wrapped inside the id "#fullpage", respecting a dom structure. When I try to use it on blog articles pages for example, I'm having trouble, eg. with the header and footer, because they are on their own pages, outside the dom element with the id "#fullpage", and it's kind of screwing the layout.

I'm not sure what the solution is. So far I've used a trick to insert the footer section inside the article section (incredible hack), maybe will be doing the same for the header, but I feel like it's not the best approach. 

If anyone knows a good way to use it on any Shopify pages, I'd take it.

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