Pagination seems wrong, problems with order

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On my shop I have different categories that do not seem to paginate correctly.

This page shows me just one product, yet on page 2 there are 19 (when there are 20 slots) and a full set of 20 on the final page, page 3. 

My questions are:

1. How do I make the products all move forward to show 20 products on page one, 20 products on page 2 and any more products on page 3.

2. Is there a way to order these products by preference. It would be great if I could move multipacks up or down the preference order.


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It's hard to know without seeing the collection template code, but I'm guessing the product loop is excluding some products. You can change the default sort order of a collection to "Manually", and then you can drag & drop the products into any custom order you want.

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