Panorama Viewer, Horizontal scroll, PDF Viewer or Seamless Slider?

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So I posted this in the apps section but got no response so thought I'd try it here!


I'm looking to add a functionality to a page on my Shopify site but can't seem to find the right plugin and was hoping someone could help.


I want to be able to display a client's lookbook on a page of there site in a dynamic way. Either as a seamless slider the can move between the pages in a horizontal scroll (rather then arrows from one page to the next - preferably by holding the cursor over the right hand side of the page resulting in a slow scroll) or alternatively if there is a way to display a wide landscape image (a panorama for example) in a similar manner (full height with the ability to horizontal scroll to the right) because I can just rebuild the lookbook as one large wide image if this in an option.


Hopefully this makes sense and someone can point me in the right direction or alternatively if anyone knows of any PDF viewers that are particularly sleek and well designed I would appreciate a link as the ones I have found offer great functionality but seem to be lacking in the UI department.