Parallax theme: Help, Customer can't Edit/Cut their Photos (Photo Personalised Product)

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Hi community, 

I have a one product store with a personalised photo product. Upon uploading they must resize & cut their image for orders

However, I've tried every app out there and no Image Editor is working. It simply doesn't show

- on some apps when image is uploaded and Editor is turned on Product page freezes when customer (or me testing) selects an image to upload

- other apps show the editor pupup but display only white background where the live image preview should be.

I am using Parallax theme - I tried other free themes and it is working fine, therefore not apps issue.
I have disabled cart drawer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - what could be interfering/blocking Image Editor from showing on my Product Page? 

Here is my test product page for anyone to have a look (current app upon upload shows popup, however the image editor displays white background)-