Parsing JSON into Liquid Javascript

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We have a string variable which contains json, which is being dinamically passed in to the body of the products page. The split function wont work for us, and havnt found a good solution with json.stringify. Is there any way we can parse that json object in liquid JavaScript? 

We will be displaying the results assisiated with the variable on the products page.



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This post doesn't relate to the Shopify Script Editor App so I'd assume you've posted this in the wrong forum section. You'll get better responses if you post in a related section so I'm going to move your post elsewhere (why).

Now as for your question, why does the data need to be stored as JSON in the first place? How complex is the data?

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Hey folks, 


With the new JSON metafields you can parse easily JSON

  "faq": [
      "question": "blabla ?",
      "reponse": "ouioui"
      "question": "blabla 2 ?",
      "reponse": "ouioui"
      "question": "blabla 3 ?",
      "reponse": "nono"
<div id="shopify-section-{{}}" class="container main content faq-section">
  <div class="{% if image_section %}eight{% else %} sixteen {% endif %}  columns">
      <dl class="faqAccordion">
        {% if product.metafields.my_fields['faq'] != blank %}
          {% for element in product.metafields.my_fields['faq'].value.faq %}
            <dt><button type="button" aria-controls="custom-panel-01" aria-expanded="true">{{ element['question'] }}</button></dt>
            <dd id="custom-panel-01" aria-hidden="false">
              {{ element['reponse'] }}
          {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}


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