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I'm trying to display a section by passing the name as a variable but get the following error:


Liquid error: Error in tag 'section' - '{{showsect1}}' is not a valid section type


I'm using the following two pieces of code. This is at the top (to concatenate the product sku with "section1", eg "MySKUsection1)":

{%- assign sect1= "section1" -%}

{% capture showsect1 %}
{{ current_variant.sku }}{{ sect1 }}
{% endcapture %}


This where I want to open the section on a page:


<div class="page-width">
{% section '{{showsect1}}' %}


I've used <SPAN> to check the output and it's correct.  If I hard code and pass section manually it also works {% section 'mysectionname' %}


I'm guessing it's a problem passing showsect1 as a variable, any ideas greatly appreciated, i've been looking at this for 4 hours :(



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Hi @dash99 

Sorry but you cant do this, because you are trying to add section in side other section that cant possible. We can not add section inside other section.

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Unfortunately you can't pass a liquid variable to call a section, the syntax returns an error. But to answer previous comment, you could actually nest a section inside another section, even if technically they are more like next to each other.

Someone shared this trick a while ago on the forum, it can still work with an implementation such as:


{% capture content %}{% section 'product-template' %}{% endcapture %}
{% capture section1 %}{% section 'section-1' %}{% endcapture %}
{% assign section1 = section1 | replace: 'data-shopify-editor-section', 'data-shopify-editor-section-nested' | replace: 'class="shopify-section"', 'class="shopify-section-nested"' %}
{% assign content = content | replace: '<div>Copy Paste this DIV in product-template section</div>', section1 %}
{{ content }}



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