Passing an array through Liquid

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I have a variable, myArray, that I want to simply pass through a Liquid template to be displayed to an end user. Liquid seems to compress all of the array items into a single string. This is what happens:



# the array
myArray = ["item 1", "item 2"]

# the string I pass to Liquid to be stored as a template and then parsed
"My Array Items: {{myArray}}"

# the final results after I call template.parse
"My Array Items: item1item2"



  What I want is the following:



"My Array: ["item1", "item2"]"



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Can you give a little bit better of an example? I'm a little bit confused because it looks like you're writing javascript but you're using liquid. 

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Sure, sorry. (Very new to Liquid, using it in Ruby). I added quotations where there should have been some to indicate strings.

fwiw, the following is a loose workaround -- basically iterating over the array to create a stringified array.


"My Array: [
    {{% for item in myArray %}
   {% endfor %}