People are landing but not much activity?

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Hey Guys and Gals,

So basically I’ve been working on this site for a bit now. Roughly 2/3months. Thinking of ways to keep customers engaged. But don’t seem to get them to really click on products individually and see them directly.  More or less they land on the website then bounce from what I can see. Had some check products but nothing. Else. 

I also want to know since I’ve been paying membership monthly. Why can’t I add so more to the current theme I have. Rather than chainring it to a whole new one. I thought once you’ve paid you should have more access to different ways to edit your page. 

it’s still early because I haven’t yet put money really ok advertising but would really appreciate getting the website to a high standard before doing so. So please let me know what you guys suggest !


Many thanks in advance !