Perfect theme for multiple blogs and e-commerce?

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So like many of you I'm sure, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect theme. In my case, I need something with beyond-the-norm blogging support, but also a long list of other features for e-commerce and general design. I'm quite certain (though I'd love to be proven wrong) that there's nothing that fits all these requirements, so I'd be happy if anyone can suggest something that meets most of them and that a programmer could help me get the rest built custom off it. So without further ado:


  • Sticky menu with a search bar and straight-to-buy button (a fixed announcement bar might fit that last requirement)
  • Not a hamburger menu on desktop
  • Search can do the whole site including blogs, not just products/collections
  • A very bloggy/editorial/magaziney type front page with a heavy content focus but still has some nice hero-type imagery at top (not full screen, still want to easily see there is a lot of content)
  • Product descriptions can utilize tabs. Ideally built in, but at least via a reliable app
  • Featured/highlighted blog posts on front page will pull from all blogs, not just one. The Adventure version of the Editorial theme does this for example
  • Ability to put 3 or 4 modest sized images on a row on front page with links to specific blogs/pages/sections
  • Imagery in the blog posts doesn't blow up to massive, pixelated sizing (a lot of themes seem to have this screwup)
  • Blog post pages show suggestions for other posts to read, with option to show both other recent posts and related posts based on tags or a relevant algorithm
  • Clean design
  • Works with the Bold Subscriptions app
  • Fast load speed and performance. Should score 90+ on both mobile and desktop on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Also I want a magic unicorn that will grant me 3 wishes one of which can be more wishes :)  But seriously, would value if anyone can make suggestions on what theme can come closest. Speed is something I presume a programmer can't do a lot to tweak and fix, so that has to be something inherent to the theme. The rest, would just like as much as possible with the rest programmable without too much difficulty. Any ideas?

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Was this something you found? If so - I'd love the sauce. If not, I'll keep you posted I'm in that same pickle lol.