Persist changes in liquid files in theme

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HI All,


I just came to know that after 29 june 2021, any new store on shopify will have  DAWN as default theme instead of DEBUT.  I have created an app on shopify store which is creating some new files for a theme(eg. js files) and update some liquid files. I know from the articles that i have to manually copy the changes to new theme.  But is there any way where I can automate this procedure(like I can copy my changes to the new theme). 

And also I have added some changes in respective liquid files( in DEBUT theme):
search.liquid, product-template.liquid, cart-template.liquid


But I am not able to find these files in DAWN theme. How should I handle these scenarios as I could see that after changing the theme, some of the files are being replaced by some new files. Is there any way to handle this , as user can apply any theme from theme store.


Thanks and regards

Vivek Solanki