[Persistent Checkout Bug] The Checkout page doesn't have sections

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Somehow every theme that is available for free is suddenly displaying this message when I try to check out the cart products (I'm using Venture now). The link points to Checkout settings, but I don't know what to do there.


Since it's happening independently of the selected theme I suppose it's some kind of checkout configuration or universal bug that I couldn't figure out. Don't know exactly how it started, when and why.


Venture's buy it now button still works properly though...


Screenshot from 2020-01-22 16-24-37.png

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I also noticed that some Apps such as "Recently Viewed" will prevent the check out from working and screw up the cart. Try uninstalling Apps that are not essential. 

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Hi Sir, I have a problem like this too! Please give me a reason

I have this problemI have this problem