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Hi there!

I am looking for some help and advice on creating new pages on my eccomerce shop that are more stylised. Currently, we sell using the Impulse Theme, which is great for products but we have a section of our site we call "Rooms" currently they are set up as collections of products alongside our main directory. We are finding that this might be confusing customers as it's not what we really intended. 

We would like to create a collection of pages that represent in "Room" in the house and for these pages to have a look book style page that has imagery and stories nicely arranged on the page, breaking away from the blog format that is available with Impulse and is more interactive with maybe some sliding galleries etc.

In the past to make our sign up page more interesting, I added the page.sections liquid and page.newsletter together to create a page that I could use the Impulse sections on a page with the sign up. One way I was thinking was that I could create an individual page.section but when I try to get this to have a different set up it doesn't work because it uses the same layout!

I'm a novice in all this and teaching myself as go and before I make all these templates, I thought I would look for some help!

Would anyone be able to recommend any apps that we might be able to use to that would help use create something that can be altered page per page? Or maybe a developer could help? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I am happy to further discussion, can we connect through email?

My Email :

Skype: valay.variance

I have a Team & happy to introduce them & you can work with them.

Thank you,