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Does anyone know the acceptable size for photos? I am using Canva to resize all my images to 2048x2048 but when it is uploaded to my store, it looks small especially when I am using the featured tab on the home page.


Does anyone have any ideas? I am going between the Warehouse and Venture themes.







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Hi - Your theme will resize your images automatically based on section/page and viewport (what screen size visitors are using) so just making your images bigger won't help in this regard.


I notice that most of your images have lots of white space so first thing I'd do is crop them to remove white space.


If removing whitespace doesn't give you what you want, then I think you'll need to edit the CSS to increase the apparent size of the images, but I would try and avoid this.


Also, whilst nothing to do with image dimensions, I notice you are using PNG, I would use JPG instead because you'll get a much smaller file size (kb) which will help your site load quicker.

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Hi Jon


Thank you for your email.


I have discovered that Canva, which I use, has a new feature where you can pick a website template and photos you select for the template are automatically cropped so the white space is only contained to the square where the photo fits. I will be using this feature now. It also makes all the photos 500x500 when uploaded into shopify which when tested for the Arsenal collection made a significant improvement to the quality and size of the photo's.


I will resave all the remaining photos using JPG. I thought PNG was better quality but I see your point of a quicker site load and much smaller file sizes. 


Thank you once again for your email.