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I'm using the debut theme and I really like it.

I previously went through the tutorial to make a visitor choose a variant before showing the price. It works fine.

Then, using a few forum links I went through the process of setting it up so that if a visitor clicks on a picture it selects it in the variant selector section.

That also works fine, except...

Has anyone figured out yet how to make the Variant selector box display the proper name for the variant instead of "Pick a Undefined" after going through the tutorial to get your variant selector to choose the variant you select by clicking it's image?

If your confused about what I'm asking check my store for details... when you land on a product page, in the variant selector it says "choose a undefined" instead of "choose a color" or "choose a size", I would really like to get it fixed but I'm still a novice when it comes to programming.

P.S. if you happen to visit my store, any comments or advice (good or bad) is much appreciated.

Thanks - Mike

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Anybody, have any ideas on how I can fix this?

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Still a problem after all these years

Solution is adding:

 var productOptions = [];
  {% for option in product.options %}
   var optionObj = {};
   optionObj[ {{ forloop.index0 }} ] = "{{ product.options[forloop.index0] }}";
  {% endfor %}

to product-template liquid