Pictures inside slides

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Hello, I hope anybody can help me

1) I would like to create a picture which will fit into slide perfectly. I can´t find correct size of picture. Sometimes it is too big, then it is small or low quality (1920x1080). I tried to use finder and when I add that photo with "correct" size and I tried many sizes, it doesn´t look good. Like in this picture (too big) - 3840x2160.



There is example how I want to have size of my picture. It perfectly fits into window. When you use scroller on the right and use it up and down, there is no other part of image.


 2) I want to have image like that at mobile too. Sometimes it´s not acting there as I want. 

 3) Can I customize button for slides? Maybe not visible rectangle, just dots.

Is there any idea how to have some objects, words, pictures sharp? Maybe some app. Through editor inside Photoshop it works fantastic, but when I need to customize something, it doesn´t work properly for me.


Thank you for some help!