Pipeline Theme - Edit arrow thickness on Product Page + Font Size + Remove Price from Cart

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Hi all,

I am using the Pipeline theme:

1) On each Product page I have the slider to change image left/right. How can I edit the arrows to make them smaller and thicker?

2) How can I remove the price from the Add To Cart button

3) How can I increase the size and weight of the price displayed under the Product Title?


Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 9.23.38 am.pngScreen Shot 2020-10-22 at 9.23.38 am.png


Thank you

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This is an accepted solution.

Please place this code at the end of theme.scss

.unicode, .add-to-cart__price {
display: none !important;
#ProductPrice-product {
font-weight: 1000;
.supports-fontface .icon:before, .supports-fontface .slick-next:before, .supports-fontface .slick-prev:before {
font-weight: 800 !important;
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