Pipeline's Theme, custom slideshow image for desktop and mobile!

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Okay, I'm pretty new to coding so I don't understand how to do it by myself alone. As usual, I'll break down the issue here and hopefully a professional can give me a helping hand. Much love to you if you can!


I'm currently using Pipeline's theme for my website. I've been struggling with finding the perfect images that would fit my store's look for two days in a row and due to that I'm not able to move forward with the rest of the things on my to-do list.


I figured out that there probably is a way to set up specific sizes for desktop version and mobile version of the slideshow. But how to do that? What code am I supposed to add and where exactly? Like, I'm in an absolute beginner stage when it comes to coding, guys. Hopefully, you can help me to solve this.


As an example website which has the same theme as me and also has a mobile version for the slideshow + a different desktop version: https://www.zorrata.com/


Best regards, hope to hear from you soon!



Hello ,

Please follow below tutorial May be it will helpful to you


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I have understand your problem regarding slideshow if you want different images on desktop and Mobile view the you want to implement schema for that when you making schema then you can get options in back-end to implement images saperatly for desktop and mobile.

If you have any problem in coding you can contact me i will suggest you or resolve the problem.

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@oscprofessional Who would have thought that it's actually that easy once you get the right tutorial, wow!


And this is not the first time when you have helped me with the coding part, thank you.