Placing Shopify Add to Cart Button in an accordion/modal etc.

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Good day!


I am creating a website outside of Shopify using the embed in website button option to add products to cart. I have come across the 100 variant limit on some items so I am breaking them down to smaller groups. My options for one example are:

size selection -> brand selection -> color selection

I want to separate the size selection with my html. My first attempt was to do so with a drop down menu for the Size Selection that would show a hidden DIV that contained the Shopify Buy Button with variants for the brand and color selection. It worked very intermittently...


I went on to try the same but with an accordion option and then a modal option. The Shopify variant dropdown and button just do not show up. I'm guessing it is a problem with both being scripts? I apologize, I am a self taught designer and I really appreciate your input. Thank you!! :)