Prestige Theme - Changing the name for "color" drop down / swatches

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Hi all, I am currently setting up my first online store. I spent countless hours on the Debut theme and ended up finding it too plain for what I wanted and I am not trialing the Prestige Theme which is exactly what I wanted. One of the things I really wanted was to change my drop down menu to block type. It's perfect, the only thing I would like to do is to change the title of the selectors to change. As some products are not using it for colours but for the product types. I've attached a photo for example. I would like to change "Color:" to "Choose one:" for example.

While I'm here, is it also possible to make the quantity selector and add to cart buttons smaller and have them placed next to each other? I am trialing the theme so I'm not sure if some options are locked and I'm also not able to edit any codes. Would just like to know if it's possible first and how so that when I do buy the theme I can have it done straight away. Thanks in advance!


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This is Jay here from Oakleaf Infoway. All the stated changes that you had mentioned will be done by some custom coding through our Shopify expert developer team.

And yes we can do smaller sizes for the quantity selector button and the add to cart button.

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